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Operator assisted conference calls Operator assisted conference calls

How the service works.


  • When calling from a UK Landline Dial the number 0333 966 2110
    When calling from internationally dial your local city access numbers above.
  • UK Mobile 1, +(44) 07537 600 002
  • UK Mobile 2, +(44) 07537 600 061 
  • Choose a six digit access code, i.e. 498466. Do not Choose an obvious number string like 111111.
  • Share the access code and dial in phone numbers with all the participants on your conference call.
  • Have everyone dial in to the conference service and enter the access code chosen by the host at any time. Press # after you enter the access code.
  • We’ll place everyone into the conference room.

Maxi Conferencing

No Charges? Really? Wherever possible, we try to use regular landline numbers that do not have any additional charges associated with them. The service is also free because Maxi Conferencing does not charge you to register for the service and requires no credit card billing. Only regular carrier rates charged by your phone provider apply. Please check with your phone provider for those rates..

Callers may use any one of our dial-in numbers to be connected together. Our list of countries with local dial-in numbers is growing all the time. If we don't have your country today we are working hard to have it soon.

Event Conference Calls

Event Conference Calling

Need to host a professional, large scale event? Host up to thousands of participants, we utilise powerful server-side conference tools, along side some of the the most established companies leading the world wide pursuit in teleconferencing technologies.